July 4 Convention of Muslims

Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) has planned to organise Massive Conference in Chennai Insha Allah on 4th July 2010, in which 15 Lakhs Muslims across the state is expected to take part in this conference.
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 Novel Idea Called Novelty Golf Balls!

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Novel Idea Called Novelty Golf Balls! Empty
PostSubject: Novel Idea Called Novelty Golf Balls!   Novel Idea Called Novelty Golf Balls! EmptyFri Mar 18, 2011 1:17 pm

Novel Idea Called Novelty Golf Balls!

Do you normally find it difficult to procure the just-right-kind of gift for your golf mates? You don't need to look any further as novelty golf balls are capable of stumping anyone any day. Not only they make a humorous gift, novelty balls also make a memorable souvenir for your friends to cherish for a long time.
Novelty golf balls come in various varieties. Ranging from the genuine golfing ones to just for gag versions, they are also an interesting means to get a message across golf clubs store. Overall, they are an inexpensive gift option that is remembered, always. Lookout for those special novelty golf balls meant to provide therapy or to show one's mood. What would you like to do to the novelty golf balls that come with "mother-in-law" or "boss" written over them.
What a way to vent ones feelings by swinging away to satisfaction! You can never have enough of those swings, can you?!Novelty golf balls also make for a good wedding gift to communicate thoughts that you may not normally be able to put in words upfront. You can pick from the ones having sentimental phrases to ones with naughty cute words to amuse the newly weds.
Then there is this Novelty golf ball which is genuinely meant for 'fair play' on golf course. Or at least the recipient may believe so. You sure must have heard about the famous "unputtable" golf ball which appears to be just another run of the mill golf ball with discount golf clubs. However, when brought into play, it can send any golf enthusiast into a complex. No matter how it's hit, it will refuse to go straight. It may rather jump, skip or even roll backwards than follow a straight path, much to the amusement of everyone around.

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Novel Idea Called Novelty Golf Balls!
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