July 4 Convention of Muslims

Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) has planned to organise Massive Conference in Chennai Insha Allah on 4th July 2010, in which 15 Lakhs Muslims across the state is expected to take part in this conference.
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 Famous Software ftp download 2012 !

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PostSubject: Famous Software ftp download 2012 !   Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:50 am

Ftp Download! Cracked Software/software Cracks/dongle Cracks/warez Cd Cracks/serials! CRACKED SOFTWARE(CAD/CAE/CAM/EDA/PCB/GIS/CNC/FEA)! if you need some softwares, please email me: neroday@inbox.ru

Use Ctrl+F to search the program you need. If you are need others,please mail me.

BlueMarble Geographic Calculator v6.3 1CD

BlueMarble Geographic Transformer v5.2 1CD

BlueMarble.Geographic.Tracker.v3.3 1CD

BlueMarble.Geographic.Transformer.Plugin.For.MapInfo.v1.0 1CD


GIS.Feature.Collection.Module.v1.2.for.Boeing.SoftPlotter.v4.1-ISO 1CD

SoftPlotter.v4.1.with.Airfiled-ISO 1CD




ITTVIS.ENVI.v4.3.Linux 1CD

ITTVIS.ENVI.v4.4.Linux64 1CD

ITTVIS.ENVI.EX.v1.0.01.1157 1CD

ITTVIS.ENVI.EX.v1.0.01.1157.x64 1CD

ITTVIS.ENVI.EX.v1.0.1080.Linux 1CD


ITTVIS.ENVI.EX.v1.0.1080.Solaris 1CD

ITTVIS.IDL.v7.1.Release 1CD

ITTVIS.IDL.v7.1.1.x64 1CD



ITTVIS.IDL.v7.0.3.Update.Only.Solaris 1CD



ITTVIS.IDL.v6.3.Analyst 1CD

ITTVIS.IDL.v6.3.Analyst.Linux 1CD

ITTVIS.IDL.v6.3.Analyst.Linux64 1CD

ITTVIS.SARscape.v4.3 1CD


IVS.3D.Fledermaus.Pro.v7.2.2c.578 1CD

IVS.3D.Fledermaus.Professional.v7.2.2c.578.X64 1CD

IVS.3D.Fledermaus.Professional.v7.0.1d.323.Linux 1CD

IVS.3D.Fledermaus.Professional.v7.0.1d.323.Linux.x64 1CD

IVS.3D.Fledermaus.Professional.v7.0.1d.323.MACOSX 1CD

GPS CAD Transfer v1.0 1CD

GPS Tools SDK v2.11b 1CD

GPS NET Visualization Tools v1.3 1CD

GPS.Lab.Professional.v1.0.WinALL 1CD


Curious.SoftWare.World.Maps.v5.5K-ISO 5CD

Curious SoftWare World Maps v5.5K UpDate 1CD

Curious World Maps v7.0-ISO 1DVD

Curious World Maps v7.2F Update 1CD


Garmin.MapSource.Atlantic.v4-ISO 1CD

Geopainting.GPSMapEdit.v1.0.61.3 1CD

Geoandsoft Cecap 32 v3.0 1CD

Geoandsoft Clasrock 32 v3.0 1CD

Geoandsoft Clu_star 32 v3.0 1CD

Geoandsoft.Eletom.32.v3.0.13.Full 1CD

Geoandsoft Happie 32 v3.0 1CD

Geoandsoft Ila32 v3.0 1CD

Geoandsoft Isomap 32 v3.0 1CD

Geoandsoft Rock3D32 v3.0 1CD

Geoandsoft Rotomap 32 v3.0 1CD

GeoandSoft SID32 v3.0 1CD

Geoandsoft Vercam32 v3.0 1CD

Geoandsoft Well32 v3.0 1CD

GeoSystem.Delta.v5.0-ISO 1CD

Global Tracks 2003 v6.11 1CD


AIS-Sim v2.40.01.2006


AEGis.acslXtreme.v2.5.WiNNT2K 1CD

Alturion GPS European Maps v5.2-ISO 3CD

AvisMap.Deskpro.v5.0.2.5507 1CD

ER Mapper v6.4-ISO 1CD

FME.Suite.v2004.ICE.3 1CD

FreeWorld3D 1CD

GroundMap.v1.3.8.102.WinALL 1CD


IDRISI.Andes.v15.00-ISO 1CD

IDRISI.Kilimanjaro.v14.0.1-ISO 1CD

IDRISI-Taiga v16.03 Win32 1CD


Infograph InfoCAD v6.51b BiLingual 1CD

InterGraph Geomedia Web Enterprise v4.00 22 1CD

Intergraph GeoMedia v6.1 Pro-ISO 1CD

LeadTools.Vector.Imaging.Pro.v14.0-ISO 1CD

Lizardtech GeoExpress GUI v8.0.0.3065 1CD

Lizardtech Geoexpress v4.0-ISO 1CD

MapBasic v6.0 1CD

MapInfo Professional v11.0 1CD

MapInfo Professional v7.8 1CD

MapInfo.MapX.v5.02 1CD

MapInfo.Mapx.Mobile.v5.0-ISO 1CD

MapInfo.MapXtreme.2008.v6.8 1CD

MapInfo.MapXtreme.Java.Edition v4.80.24 1CD

MapInfo.MapXtreme.Java.Edition.v4.80.24 Linux 1CD

Mapinfo Line Style Editor v2.0


Piscatus.3D.v5.0-ISO 1CD


Kork Digital Mapping System v14.0-ISO 1CD

KineMAP Digital MAP SoftWare v5.0 1CD

StitchMaps v2.40 1CD

WinTopo-Pro.v2.52 1CD



IXSeg2Segy.v3.24 1CD

Interpex.IXSeg2Segy.v3.30 1CD


Interpex.IX1D.v3.46 1CD

Interpex.IX2D.v1.01 1CD

OpendTect.v4.2.0.Win32 1CD

OpendTect.v4.2.0.Win64 1CD


EngGeo 1CD

Franson CoordTrans v2.0 1CD

GeoDLL.v11.11 1CD

GXII v4.02 1CD

Hans.Gerd.Duenck.Kerst.AllTrans.v2.325 1CD

MicroSurvey.CAD.2010.Ultimate.v10.3.0.4 1CD

Nobeltec Visual Navigation Suite v7.0 1CD

Orima v8.72 for Socet Set v5.2 1CD

Routable cGPSmapper v0098 1CD

TopoGrafix.ExpertGPS.v2.3.1 1CD

TopoLT v10.2.1 1CD

Trimble RealWorks Survey Advanced v6.4.2 1CD



Virtuozo NT v3.6 EN 1CD


Vertical Mapper 3.0

WaSP.Map.Editor.v8.3 1CD

Waypoint GPS Grafnav/Grafnet v7.0 1CD

White.Industrial.Seismology.Compu-Blast.v8.1.13 1CD


Encom Compass Scout v1.0 1CD

Encom Discover v2011 builder 7 1CD

Encom Discover3D v5.0.63 Full 1CD

Encom EMFlow v3.30 1CD

Encom EMVision v2.30 1CD

Encom Engage3D v6.004 1CD

Encom Engage v5.0 1CD

Encom ModelVision v10.00.11 Full 1CD

Encom PA v11.0.12 Full 1CD

Encom QuickMag v3.0 1CD


GMI Caliper v2.0 1CD

GMI Mohrfracs v2.6 1CD

GMI WellCheck v2.5 1CD


Hampson.Russell.CE v8.R4.4.1.x86-ISO 1CD

Hampson.Russell.CE.v8.R4.4.1.Win64 1CD

Hampson.Russell.CE.v8.R4.3.Linux-ISO 1CD

Hampson.Russell.CE.v8.R4.Solaris-ISO 1CD

Hampson.Russell.CE.v8.R4.Irix-ISO 1CD


Plaxis 3D Tunnel v1.2 1CD

Plaxis 3D Foundation v1.6 1CD

Plaxis Professional v8.5 1CD

Plaxis Professional v8.2-ISO 1CD


STA4-CAD v12.1 1CD


Isatis v4.0 1CD


3D-Sigma for WinALL-ISO 1CD

2D-Sigma for Win98 1CD


3DEC v4.0 1CD

Flac2D v4.0.257 1CD


Flac3D v3.0.261 1CD

Flac3D v3.0


FLAC v5.0.355 1CD

FLAC Training 05-ISO 1CD


PFC2D v3.10.234 1CD


PFC3D v3.0.196 1CD


UDEC v4.00.153 1CD


Prokon CalcPad v2.1.09 1CD


F.A.S.T. CBM v4.0.0.341 1CD

F.A.S.T. DBConnection v2.0.2.8 1CD

F.A.S.T. Evolution v1.1.1.149 1CD

F.A.S.T. FieldNotes v4.1.1.3 1CD

F.A.S.T. Fieldnotesviewer v4.1.1.3 1CD

F.A.S.T. ModBus v3.0.0.3 1CD

F.A.S.T. Piper v7.0.1.7 1CD

F.A.S.T. RTA v4.5.0.228 1CD

F.A.S.T. ValiData v7.1.2.6 1CD

F.A.S.T. VirtuWell v2.8.2.2 1CD

F.A.S.T. WellTest v7.1.2.6 1CD


Logicom REP v5.20 1CD


WGeoSoft WinSism v10.8 1CD



Whi Visual ModFlow Pro v4.2.0.151 1CD


SeisImager.Pickwin.v3.14.with.Plotrefa.v2.73-ISO 1CD

Engenious Systems Inc StormShed2G v7.0.0.13 1CD


Rockware.AqQA.v1.1.5.1 1CD

RockWare.LogPlot.7.v7.4.93.119 1CD

Rockware.LogPlot.v2001 1CD

RockWare.RockPack.III.v3.1 1CD

RockWare.RockWorks.15.v2011.4.18 1CD


Geotomo Software产品:

Res2Dinv v3.55.35 1CD

Res3Dinv v2.15f 1CD


Sivan Design CivilCAD 2010 v1.08 1CD

Geosoft Oasis.Montaj.v7.0.1 1CD

Geosoft.Oasis.Montaj.v7.1.1.Update.Only 1CD

Geosoft Target.for.ArcGIS.v3.0.1 1CD

Geosoft Target for ArcGIS v3.1.1 Update Only 1CD

Geosoft Target.v7.0.1 1CD

GEOSOFT CoStat v6.4 1CD

Geosoft Eletom 32 v3.0.13 1CD

Geosoft Eletom v3.0013 1CD

Geosoft Insitu v2003 1CD

Geosoft Liquiter v2003 1CD


GeoFEA v8.0 1CD


Geographix Discovery R2007.2-ISO 1CD

GeoGraphix DSS R5000.0.0.3 1CD


12D MODEL v7.0C1g 1CD


PetrisWinds Recall 1CD


IES.PetroMod.v11.0 1CD


SMT Kingdom v8.5-ISO 1DVD

SMT Kingdom Training 1CD


JEWELSuit 2011 1CD

JewelSuite 2009 1CD


Sage-Crisp v 4.3a 1CD

COMSOL Multiphysics v4.1 with Update 3-ISO 1DVD

Comsol.Plus.2011 1CD

Acoustics.Module.for.Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3a.Update.Only 1CD

Chemical.Engineering.Module.for.Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3a.Update.Only 1CD

Heat.Transfer.Module.for.Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3a.Update.Only 1CD

JustCGM v4.2.1.1 1CD

Multiphysics.Models.for.Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3a.Update.Only 1CD

MEMS.Module.for.Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3a.Update.Only 1CD

Reaction.Engineering.Lab.for.Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3a.Update.Only 1CD

RF.Module.for.Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3a.Update.Only 1CD

Structural.Mechanics.Module.for.Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3a.Update.Only 1CD

Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3.Linux 1CD

CAD.Import.Module.for.Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3.Linux 1CD


Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3.Solaris 1CD

CAD.Import.Module.for.Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3.Solaris 1CD


Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3.x64 1CD

CAD.Import.Module.for.Comsol.Multiphysics.v3.3.x64 1CD


GeoCAP v4.2.67 1CD


GeoStru SPW v2011.9 1CD(Analysis of cantilevered and propped Sheet Pile Walls)

Geostru Slope v2010 1CD

GeoStru Geotecnica v2004 1CD

Use Ctrl+F to search the program you need.

Anything you need,must can mail Email: If there is your need, please mail me: neroday@inbox.ru
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Famous Software ftp download 2012 !
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