July 4 Convention of Muslims

Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) has planned to organise Massive Conference in Chennai Insha Allah on 4th July 2010, in which 15 Lakhs Muslims across the state is expected to take part in this conference.
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 The text with training. I chapter 37..

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The text with training. I chapter 37
Adidas water grip FangQing snow with a cold hum, around the temperature has dropped sharply, air around seems to have a frozen trend. Though not "all" that "cold huatian agreemenet of real strength" freeze, but give a person spiritual chill but it was like a heavy snow, which is threatening. In the big, really chuan disciple, miss shakotan coast player woman who, party a cold eye trance, like between naked * * stand on the ice and snow, deeply cold Pierce bone marrow, penetrate into the spirit, deep brain, control his thinking.
Nike gladiator sandals "Yuan Calvin spirit art!" In this case, the party under the lash out with a feather door hastily crackdown on the practice of the spirit, and the mind of thought made with a texture of of primitive simplicity, door the door of the powers of the mind, like concealed. Suddenly, the whole body blood running between violent, rushed to the brain, all doors were derided, spirit illusion or the original heaven and earth heaven and earth.
Nike gladiator sandals "Oh? You still carries Calvin spirit of uniting the technique, the world is to be able to use blood brain, remove illusion, spirit, this is the inner door crackdown disciple to can learn skills, is you go to crane fairy. You could even a worm my spirit, that illusion from channeling the territory of only one step away... so fast on the practice of the degrees, not a verification families, even from the door of the gate disciples were also few can be comparable with you."
Buy shoes supra Again the word of FangQing snow slowly. She just speak with a spirit, between the oppression of arts, but did not expect party so quickly recover, cold not the oppressed, and immediately you test the party of the cold fix for the soon to enter the flesh and the border of the psychic. Heavy 9 This made her more surprised. According to the practice of the degree that because, although not experience, but also throughout this outstanding. "I still have to continue to practice, the vast desert to, is to cut kill sand bandits several leader. For a disciple of the inner door quota."
Party cold licked his lips, answered again. He just shout a bold "the teacher elder sister", just for the conversation took FangQing snow Supra skytop iii scattered, adventure, otherwise the attention of FangQing snow asked him some of the other things, it is easy to betrayed the Jiao v, death drawing "secret * * out. People don't know him what baby, but FangQing snow but is easy to guess it, for it is she killed BaiHai toads. As for FangQing snow to the sentence of the teacher elder sister call and punish him better than because the Jiao v nether world figure "kill him.
Supra shoes "You go in to blue YueCheng, there are many soft edges outside door." disciple FangQing snow and didn't answer, but in the party if red satisfying princess way. "It is, the teacher elder sister." Red square see satisfying princess, but he didn't dare look at the FangQing against the orders of the snow, the body a flashing, cast out the six to ZongTeng art, like a horse rouge MaYuanYuan pentium out. She had gone, FangQing snow stared at the party at the cold for a while, has been slow to speak, look in the eyes filar silk flashing, don't know the purple heart in what she want to.
Buy supra shoes Party was also her cold to see the look in the eyes, and don't know her hair is capricious, to myself to do. The body of the Jiao * * garments fell a picture of the dragon death is not a sound, seems to be completely hidden up and out of sight. "The flood dragon liked, pour notable, say what heaven play him, the immortal now met a well-resourced shakotan coast player are scared to hide, it is too decline." Party of whiny upon privately.
Cheap supra shoes "The teacher elder sister, good a the teacher elder sister......" FangQing snow see a long while party steps in the sand is cold and walking around, the party is suddenly openings, cold got a fright, cold sweat pore kicked in: "it seems that you fix for the boom, boom with confidence, a little slave, incredibly can in a short time, get rid of the chains of heart within. It is rare, for greatness, also is our home out a talent.
Supra shoes The most afraid of is strong, but the heart still have the chains of servitude. Such, won't have what achievements, you this one sound the teacher elder sister, break chains, there is the courage, certainly not the future success in low, actually I remember you." Party cold eyes to see FangQing snow, he also did not think of, the ShaFa relentless big not only didn't miss punish him, but shown appreciation of Italy, this is he bolt from the blue.
Michael jordan shoes But his heart was down a familiar smell produced. FangQing snow a "I'd remember you." But a very rare, also represent the party have let her cold remember qualification. "The teacher elder sister said is." At this time, know the party cold FangQing snow is what attitude, mind immediately flexible up: "right, the teacher elder sister, you just want to kill, it seems that day Wolf little real wang mo Lin? I once and crane in feather fairy mountain outside the met once."
Christian louboutin men Speak, he put the encounter between seven evil spirit day of affair said shows again, just to hide out the death Jiao v picture of part of the things for poison smoke, but changed "for the mountain from internal, poison smoke automatic receding, escaped." Lies. He said the things, also is the topic, so that FangQing snow replying again ask him to fix for the soaring things.
Air jordan shoes "Huh? Wang mo Lin incredibly dare to appear in the feather mountain outside?" Sure enough, enjoy the things FangQing attracted, lost in thought, "just I struck wang mo Lin, that was he fled into the underground river, someone slips, which has a lot of doubts......" Wanted to think, seems to be to feel to get ideas, the FangQing snow again way: "you fix for the developed so fast, and will be provided in our door door disciple, home in, should not be a slave. But you now extraordinarily brave of state, also not curious,
Radii shoes to you have a curious, look at what are the reason, let you so advance by leaps and bounds. As I want to do a thing, you also follow to come. There, I will make you a good cultivation, as long as you in this time of uniting, broken to god the border, I'll go change, let father disown you: those who are successors, from then on, for you also is our home real children." To this, the party a, he knew that he always happy with, FangQing snow to yourself and some doubt, let oneself in her training, so miserable, Israeli clear snow powers, eyesight, afraid of I * * greatly increases the chance, but now he 10000 can't refuse.
Supra shoes Once refused to, I'm afraid it was killed on the spot. "I don't know the teacher elder sister to do what? Where to practice?" The way of the cold silence, party show a leisurely bearing. "I want to make a trip to the deep underground, beheaded kill a person. It could have been, but since you go alone is our home, and the one who is primed for fast, also brought up, let you and Adidas water grip underground evil combat, but will also help I clean the small role."
FangQing snow between around, talking again appeared two purple Yin and Yang, her electric serpent cross legs sat down in a purple electricity the serpent's head, "you sit to another snake head.". Party cold smell speech, hurriedly sit up and immediately feel lacking in initiative and overcautious, that violet electricity the serpent's head indistinctly has an attraction, take his body absorb, how all fall not bottom go to, around ZiQi around, against the day ethos flow, the very comfortable.
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The text with training. I chapter 37..
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